Why can't I orgasm

A Guide To The Clitoris

It is time for us women to understand the makeup of the clitoris. It is now believed that the way the clitoris is interconnected that all female orgasms through stimulation of the female genitalia are directly linked to the clitoris.

Australian urologist Dr. Helen O’Connel using MRI technology noted that there was a direct relationship between the legs or roots of the clitoris and the erectile tissues of the clitoral bulbs and corpora, and the distual urethra and vagina. O’Connel asserts that this interconnected relationship is the physiological explanation for the G-Spot and the experience of vaginal orgasm taking into account the stimulation of the internal parts of the clitoris during vaginal penetration.

Women who experience orgasm from both direct clitoral stimulation of the glans and vaginal access to the internal bodies distinguish between them in terms of both the physical and general sensation associated with each. (In other words the clitoris is why women get an orgasm from vaginal penetration as the internal clitoris is stimulated).

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Why is a woman does not orgasm? If we look at the female orgasm as a physiological phenomenon, it is a spasm of muscles of the anterior part of the vagina that occur in some - that the time during intercourse. It is these spasms and contribute to pleasure, from the waves which, in turn, begins to tremble at the whole body. And the reasons why an orgasm does not occur, is usually a lack of either the spasms or waves of pleasure. In such cases, even the most skillful caresses men do not help a woman reach climax.

The reason for this may be pathology of female organs, poor blood flow to organs located in the pelvic area, low sensitivity in that area of ​​the nervous system and stress the psychological state of women. Itself is a heavy and rather difficult to address the problem appears, in this case, it is the psychological state of stress. After all, when a woman can not fully relax during intimacy, about the bright orgasm can hardly carry it.

For example, why a girl can ask yourself this question: "Why can't I orgasm?". Because she is afraid or condemnation of others, or had a negative first experience, and brought up in the Puritan spirit. Or maybe she feels a sense of hostility toward his partner or her thoughts about some oppressed by domestic troubles. But it is as yet very young, and could eventually get rid of their own psychological shackles, choosing a suitable pair. But if you have later in life the answer to the question why a woman does not experience an orgasm, too, lies somewhere in this area will need to contact someone for help. Because of her fears have allowed very deep roots. And, even if a woman will try by all means get rid of them, some little thing will revive them again. Such a small change can be smells, sounds, bright lights, or, conversely, darkness, - anything. Partners for the same intimacy for women in any case should be selected from those to whom they feel a sense of sympathy.

Then, when the lack of orgasm in women is not psychogenic nature and is not associated with any pathology of the genital organs, can solve this problem in several ways.

It would seem that an open attempt to solve the problem of female orgasm has arisen recently due to trends of today. Indeed, in ancient times, manners were quite severe, requiring the women, above all, a limit of modesty and obedience to men. Where here to talk about orgasm - and look to find it immoral to write down the ranks, and whores! However, this is, oddly enough, is not so. A number of systems that help a woman get an orgasm bright, was developed by the Eastern sages in ancient times. Why were they so concerned about this issue, God knows, because the birth rate is not affected. Maybe they got tired of the revelation of the set of women, plaintively asks: "Why can not I orgasm?". But perhaps the wisest troubled state of men who suffered from an inferiority complex because of the lack of orgasm with their girlfriends, assuming a bad lover. One way or another, but the techniques invented by them, is quite effective and have been used successfully to this day.

The simplest set up Taoist sages, the system helps restore women's sexual function is very simple. It represents a tightening and unclamping with alternating speed and strength of vaginal muscles. Such exercises can be done anytime, anywhere: while sitting at your desk, standing in line, doing some household chores, and when driving in traffic. The system normalizes the blood flow to the pelvic organs and enlivens located in this area of ​​the nerve endings. If you make up to five hundred of such compression - unclamping the day, problems with orgasm are resolved fairly quickly. And it is quite easy, because the Taoist practice does not require any special conditions.

Surprisingly, the lack of orgasm in women successfully eliminated a sham. Yes, it is thus a sham - an imitation of an orgasm, which have sometimes accused of sexual problems experienced by men. This is easily explained. Any person has the ability to mask affect his inner spirit. And, if it is used for a long time, this inner spirit begins to mask more and more to submit. In other words, when we are playing a role for a long time, it somehow becomes a part of our nature. Real-time simulation of an orgasm - is no exception. If the talent to portray him - shudder of the body, blissful moans and stuff - mind would believe his physical shell and program the fact that pleasure. And will translate it into reality.

This is a - some kind of mental stimulation, which can be attributed, and erotic fantasies during sexual intercourse. Feelings of guilt before a partner at the same time should not be. The lack of orgasm in women - a task that must be addressed in all ways. Besides, it not only delivers real pleasure for the woman herself, but also a man of his doubles. If the feeling of guilt is difficult to get rid of a party erotic fantasies can be your partner.

Prior to sexual intercourse is desirable to be excited as much as possible. Way to do this can be and foreplay, and the Taoist system of exercises. When intimacy exclude extraneous thoughts, replacing the obsession, "Why do not I get an orgasm!" In a confident: "I get an orgasm!". The maximum relaxing, exploring only their own feelings. At the same time breathe deeply, to completely remove the tension. When moving the pelvis up and down, open and close the vaginal muscles. As soon as we feel the approach of orgasm - begin to moan and squirm. This contributes to the total liberation of the body, which is then free to skip over a whole barrage of pleasure. At the same time during intimacy to focus on the orgasm is not necessary - it will create tension, climax, and put off making it difficult to perceive the full range of the pleasures of intimacy.

A very powerful technique - clitoral stimulation during intercourse. If a partner, because of inexperience or for some other reason, it does not - or hint to him about the desired action, or clitoris, Let us alone. Can not be shy - we want an orgasm!

All of these tips are quite simple, and follow them, every woman. Now there are many techniques that allow to achieve an orgasm, even those who have long lost hope on him. We just need to take to the selected method with due diligence - and before each of us opens the depth of this magnificent gift of nature, bright orgasm. And not only that. We can even go further and find out what this unique miracle, - multiple orgasms in women, allowing the world to know the sex in all its beauty and versatility.

Comprehensive sex life - a pledge of physical and mental health of each one of us. Sexuality is not flawed, it is natural. Men do not like dispassionate icicles. Therefore, you should try to wake her passion by any means. If we apply this to the maximum forces the question: "Why does a woman does not get an orgasm?" Sooner or later cease to exist.

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